30%-100% Tuition Fees as Scholarship

Aditya's Newton Scholarship Program enables international student immersion with affordable ease for all.

This program fulfills our vision in bringing world-class education closer to every deserving student. Enroll today in the student's favourite scholarship program and be among the few to enjoy special privileges in a budget.

Aditya International

Discover the Fun at Aditya!

Aditya International

A feeling like at Home.

With good hostel and canteen facilities clubbed with friendly faculty, you will always be at the convenience of your home during your stay in India. Even medical facilities are available in a cashless way to enable easy daily activities.


Limited Seats Only.

Closing Date: 31st Mar 2023.


At Aditya Educational Institutions, we take pride in our sprawling three-decade pedagogy experience, as year after year we have produced great learners who went on to become outstanding individuals leaving a mark of excellence in their respective domains.

Aditya campus houses 6000+ students from different countries. Every year we look forward to multicultural diversity that will be brought in by you. In turn, we focus to provide the quality education you deserve.

To provide equal opportunity to everyone, Aditya introduced “Special International Scholarship Program” under which a major part of your tuition fee will be given back as a scholarship to you.

Only limited seats are assigned under this program. Submit your application now to avail the scholarship and study in a college with 35 years of legacy in world-class education & practical learning.