Graduation is the most defining moment of every student’s life. Figuring out what to do next can be a daunting prospect. Many options come to the surface.  Generally, after graduation every student has two options:

  1. Pursuing further studies (Post Graduation or Masters Degree)
  2. Grabbing a Job

Pursuing further studies (Post Graduation or Masters Degree)

If a student desires to pursue further studies he/she have numerous options from a wide choice of programmes /courses offered by Aditya.

For helping international students in this, Aditya offers counseling services; and recommend them for better options offered and give every kind of possible assistance related to it.

Student Visa Information

International students who aspire to do their further studies in India should acquire a Student Visa ahead of traveling to India. Once the student has been issued a provisional eligibility letter to study at Aditya Educational Institutions, he/she should immediately apply for  Student Visa. He/she should apply for a student visa before coming to India by contacting the Indian Mission in his/her home country. The Indian Mission will be able to tell the average turnaround time for a visa application.

As a part of the application procedure for a Student Visa, a student needs to produce a Provisional Eligibility Letter from the Institute as a testimony of his/her eligibility.

Note: International students have to ensure that the Student Visa is endorsed to Aditya Educational Institutions by the visa issue authority.

For more details, please contact the Indian mission in your home country.

Click Here for information on Visa Extension and Other Indian Immigration services.

Grabbing a Job

If a student desires to pursue further studies he/she can prefer any field (most appropriate field to graduation level of study) from a broad scope of programmes/courses presented by Aditya.

To acquire a job after completion of graduation is the dream of every student. If an international student desires to work after graduation, Aditya helps him/her find a job through career counseling and assistance. Aditya graduates are greatly considered among employers worldwide. So whether an international student chooses to stay in India or go back to home country, he/she will get many job openings.

The following support and services are provided to the students to help them find jobs:

  1. Resume Writing and Development
  2. Career Counselling
  3. References and Recommendations
  4. Information about suitable companies available to work with
  5. Information about upcoming Placement Drives, Job Openings, Interview Schedules, Online application for jobs and form filling
  6. Personality development lectures, seminars and workshops, and many more services

Indian Work Permit In India, work permits, generally referred to as employment visas, are provided either to skilled professionals or to people immigrating to India to fill a definite position for a given company. Work permits are a very subjective areas of Indian visa services; however, to reside and work in India, all candidates shall obtain one.


  • The significant advantage of an Indian employment visa is that it permits a foreign national to reside and work in India.
  • In contrast to an Indian business visa which permits a variety of business activities but prohibits the right to take on employment, an acknowledged work permit application offers the right to begin living and working in India upon arrival.
  • Also, unlike short-term India visa services such as a tourist visa, Indian work permits can be extended in increments of one year.

In India, work permit applications can be acknowledged by one of the following two ways:

  • The applicant may apply to the Indian Embassy or High Commission in his or her country of residence, or as is more commonly the case,
  • An Indian company offering a position of employment can begin the application process in India on behalf of the candidate. This employer-led route is the usual route to obtaining an Indian work permit.

In cases where a firm offer of employment from an Indian company is in place, applications will need to be supported by a range of documentation including a completed application form and a current valid passport with recent passport photographs.

Additionally, it will be required to offer proof of residence and employment, with documentation to prove the Indian position of work being presented.

Intra Company Transfer

In India, visas can be applied for by employees of a foreign company who want to transfer to an Indian branch of the same organization. The Intra Company Transfer is intended to permit the movement of crucial employees amid international offices of a company.

The procedures for this type of Indian visa are more liberally defined than those in other countries. However, in general, it is ideal that candidates acquire a four-year university degree. Intra company transfers or “E” visas are granted on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Indian migration officer and will, as with work permits in general, take into account the accessibility of native Indian workers.

Spouse Immigration and Dependent Immigration

In India, work permits are generally a long-standing immigration solution; hence immediate family members will be allowed to join the principal applicant in India.

Immigration law needs any such dependents who aspire to take on employment to get their permit for working in India.

Visa Extension on Employment Click here to view details

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