In Secretary's Heart of Hearts...

Completing my study in Good shepherd school of ooty which is considered as the best in the country, I have established my identity with Software field with a virgin beginning as a humble employee and I was elevated as a team leader. With an intention to share my experiences and to propel the students of Aditya to reach high destinations, I have taken up the assignment in Aditya as secretary of the group.

In the back - drop of globalization, the barriers of the countries as well as continents are wiped out.

Undoubtedly the spectrum of employment opportunities is widened with the advent of entry of multi National companies in to the industrial hemisphere. The expectations on the competency of the man-power has reached alarming proportion and it is a need of the hour to meet their demand for getting choicest placements

An expertise in soft skills i.e., communication skills, group discussions, positive thinking, goal achievement, time management is playing a significant role in campus selection and at the same time deep penetration to grass root level of the core subjects is a paramount need. Unless efficiency in both the wings is mastered a student cannot reach the destination as per his aspiration.

Software industry expects the employee to update his knowledge on a regular basis, reading the pulse of the radical changes in this technical arena and if it is ignored continuance of an employment secured will be posing a threat as Damocle's swored will be hanging on the neck at every moment. Caution should be exercised by the recruitee aspirants as they should constantly and consistently revolve in the groov of growth.

With the practical experience gained my aim is to supplement all the necessary inputs to the students both in theory and practice as per the expectations of the software industry.

Wishing you to flourish in flying colours.

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